Employment Opportunities for Hospitalists Trained in Family Medicine

1Central Maine Medical Center, Lewiston, ME
2Presbyterian Hospital, Albuquerque, NM

Meeting: Hospital Medicine 2014, March 24-27, Las Vegas, Nev.

Abstract number: 17


The number of Hospitalists Trained in Family Medicine (HTFM) has tripled in the past 6 years, now comprising 10% of Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) membership. There are no ACGME guidelines or required pathways of training for Hospital Medicine (HM). Eligible HTFM and Internal Medicine (IM) trained Hospitalists can both sit for the Recognition of Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine (RFPHM) board examination. Designation of Fellow in Hospital Medicine (FHM) from SHM is open to eligible candidates regardless of prior training. Despite equal opportunity to earn recognition, historically there has been US job market exclusion of HTFM. To quantify disparities, we reviewed job postings for HM positions. For those limited to IM, or for postings that were unclear, we sent a survey to physician recruiters to determine if HTFM would be considered, and what factors affect that decision.


HM positions were obtained from journals, as well as on‐line search engines. After excluding academic and executive opportunities, 450 positions were available. Further exclusion of duplicate ads from multi‐state recruitment groups and those ads without email contacts resulted in 252 remaining posts. Of these, 119 (47%) clearly stated that HTFM were eligible for the position. We sent an anonymous electronic survey to the remaining 133 that either did not specify, or excluded HTFM. Factors that were surveyed included location, bed capacity, prior experience in HM, FHM designation, HM fellowship training, and passing of RFPHM board examination.


For the 133 surveys sent to those who either excluded HTFM or did not specify, the response rate was 30%. The survey (Table 1), from a broad distribution of areas and bed capacities, revealed 66% of respondents do consider HTFM, though this is not specified in the posting. For those who refuse to initially consider HTFM, a number of factors were found that would change that position. If HTFM had prior HM experience, then 87% would reconsider, 93% would reconsider HTFM who earned a designation of FHM, and 78% would reconsider HTFM who earned RFPHM board certification. Fully 100% of those who initially refused to consider HTFM would change their position if a fellowship in HM was completed. Finally, only 29% of respondents were aware of by‐laws at their institution that prevented them from hiring HTFM.


Having prior experience in the field of HM increases job opportunities for HTFM, as does earning recognition via the FHM and the RFPHM. Completing a fellowship in HM particularly enhances opportunities. Even without additional earned recognition or experience, the majority of HM positions are open to HTFM, making this a viable pathway towards Hospitalist employment.

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